IP distribution and trading platform worldwide

Deeply explore the new value of IP projects, so that it can finance in the international market. Designing the investment and financing products for them to go to trading platform, which can issue and trade with users and investors worldwide, and provide them with new approach of financing based on the assets of IP.

The application process of company information display

The express channel for companies to process display >>

Companies listing needs to meet the following requirements

A、The company was established in accordance with the law and operated for two years, and the company has the ability to continue operations;

B、The company’s main business is outstanding, with a record of continuous operations, a sound governance mechanism, and legally regulated operations;

C、The company’s IPs are clear and legal and compliant, and there is no violation of the rights and interests of others;

D、The number of shareholders is less than 50;

E、The company has a registered capital of more than 5 million

F、Require that the registration and confirmation of IP for more than 2 years, and total accumulated profits for 2 years are more than 3 million

F、After doing the due diligence for company, whose IP valuation is up to more than 8 million that it can be listed.

Application material for company information display

01 . Company business license and charter
02 . The resume of major shareholder or legal person
03 . Business plan
04 . Trademark registration certificate, change, renewal, transfer certificate, renewal letter of commitment for trademark registration certificate
05 . Photographs of trademarks actually used on goods or services. (For trading platform release)
06 . Applying for corporate trademark assets does not infringe on the rights of others and does not involve major litigation or arbitration commitment letters
07 . Report on the status of the awards, credits and advertisements of the applicant’s trademark in the past two years
08 . Tax payment certificate and financial statements for the last two years (cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement).
(The above materials must be stamped with official seal)