OTC LA board

The company complies with the listing rules and lays a solid foundation for the future transfer of domestic and foreign motherboards;

Conducive to corporate capital operation norms, shortening time to market;

Give play to the leverage effect of capital operation and make it stronger and bigger;

Effectively improve corporate credit reporting and gain more attention and favor from investment institutions;

Efficient docking and introduction of investment institutions to obtain financing;

Enhance corporate value and gain opportunities for acquisitions, mergers or restructurings;

Effectively reduce the operational risk of the capital market;

No change in corporate form (partnership, limited liability system, stock institutions can be listed);

No mandatory information disclosure to protect the core secrets of the enterprise;

No administrative approval, no industry restrictions, no trading time restrictions, no listing restrictions.

I want to show

Listing service

01 . Listing ceremony;

02 . Official website display;

03 . International propagation;

04 . Evaluation Report;

05 . Financial compliance;

06 . Legal compliance;

07 . Video recording;

08 . Media release.

Service Process

01 . Telephone consultation;
02 . Data submission;
03 . Preliminary review information;
04 . Signing contract;
05 . Payment fee;
06 . Data second review;
07 . Red head file;
08 . Evaluation Report(financial report + legal opinion);
09 . Listing Knocking;
10 . Official website display.

Companies listing needs to meet the following requirements

01 . The company is established according to law and has survived for one year, and the company has the ability to continue to operate;

02 . The company’s main business is outstanding, with a record of continuous operations, a sound governance mechanism, and legally regulated operations;

03 . The registration of intellectual property rights has been valid for more than 2 years;

04 . The company’s intellectual property rights are clear and legal and compliant, and there is no violation of the rights and interests of others;

05 . The number of shareholders is less than 100;

06 . Recommended by the operator designated by the firm and continuously supervised;

07 . The accounts shall be prepared in accordance with the Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards or the International Financial Reporting Standards;

08 . Must have a business record of not less than 2 financial years;

09 . Net assets reached 1 million yuan;

10 . The annual after-tax profit exceeds 1 million RMB;

11 . The market value is 10 million yuan.

Listing information

01 . The company’s business license (three certificates in one);
02 . Company/project profile;
03 . Introduction of intellectual property (IP) products;
04 . Financial statements for the last two years (if any);
05 . IP (trademark, patent, copyright) certificates and other related materials related to IP application and changes (scanned copy and detailed list);
06 . Resume of legal person or major shareholder;
07 . Company policy.