OTC AP board

Disclose the intellectual property value of the company to global investors and demonstrate innovative technology capabilities;

Build an authoritative intellectual property system;

Broaden financing channels, reduce financing costs, and solve financing problems;

Rehearsing high-level capital markets and laying the foundation for listing;

Fast and steady improvement of corporate image and display of corporate brand;

Standardize corporate governance, guide enterprises to standardize operations; greatly enhance business management capabilities;

Short time, fast speed, low threshold; clear conditions, simple process and easy operation.

I want to show

Listing service

01 . Listing ceremony;

02 . Official website display;

03 . International propagation;

04 . Evaluation Report;

05 . Video recording;

06 . Media release.

Service Process

01 . Telephone consultation;
02 . Data submission;
03 . Preliminary review information;
04 . Signing contract;
05 . Payment fee;
06 . Data second review;
07 . Red head file;
08 . Evaluation Report;
09 . Listing Knocking;
10 . Official website display.

Companies listing needs to meet the following requirements

01 . The company is established according to law and has survived for one year, and the company has the ability to continue to operate;

02 . The company’s main business is outstanding, with a record of continuous operations, a sound governance mechanism, and legally regulated operations;

03 . The registration of intellectual property rights has been completed for more than one year;

04 . The company’s intellectual property rights are clear and legal and compliant, and there is no violation of the rights and interests of others;

05 . The number of shareholders is less than 50;

06 . It is recommended by the operator designated by the firm and continuously supervised.

Listing information

01 . The company’s business license (three certificates in one);
02 . Company/project profile;
03 . Introduction of intellectual property (IP) products;
04 . Financial statements for the last two years (if any);
05 . IP (trademark, patent, copyright) certificates and other related materials related to IP application and changes (scanned copy and detailed list);
06 . Resume of legal person or major shareholder.