The disclosure platform of IP value

HKIPX maintains friendly relationship with institutional investments, private equity funds worldwide, which include: Investment Bank, Single Family Office, Institutional Investment Fund, Wealth Management Fund, Seeds Fund, Multi-Family Office Fund, Endowment Fund and Pension FundPrivate, etc.

HKIPX has in-depth collaboration the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA), who have over 78 billion in assets under management. The National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) with 8800 Investment Agency Representatives, representing over 60 industry services, and responsible for 90% of IPO’s under $20 million, having raised over $17 billion for emerging growth companies. Mr. Jim Hock, the Chairman of NIBA, is a member of HKIPX’s global advisory team.

Expanding international channels for IP projects, attracting the attention of investors worldwide, improving innovation capabilities and core competitiveness, demonstrating IP strength and value. And establishing an authoritative system for IP projects.

I want to show

Service Process

01 . Communication and review of information by professionals and companies.
02 . Give HKIPX listing notice and approval letter, intellectual property listing code.
03 . The HKIPX announcement will show the company’s intellectual property rights to the global market.
04 . The company can go to the Shenzhen representative office to perform the knocking ceremony.
(The above materials must be stamped with official seal)

Companies listing needs to meet the following requirements

01 . The company was established in accordance with the law and operated for one year, and the company has the ability to continue operations;

02 . The company’s main business is outstanding, with a record of continuous operations, a sound governance mechanism, and legally regulated operations;

03 . Require that the registration and confirmation of IP for more than one year;

04 . The company’s IPs are clear and legal and compliant, and there is no violation of the rights and interests of others;

05 . The number of shareholders is less than 50;

Listing information

01 . Company business license (three certificates in one).
02 . Company Profile.
03 . IP product introduction.
04 . Financial statements for the last two years (if any).
05 . Intellectual property (trademark, patent, copyright) certificate and related documents (scanned parts and schedules).