The disclosure platform of IP value

HKIPX maintains friendly relationship with institutional investments, private equity funds worldwide, which include: Investment Bank, Single Family Office, Institutional Investment Fund, Wealth Management Fund, Seeds Fund, Multi-Family Office Fund, Endowment Fund and Pension FundPrivate, etc.

HKIPX has in-depth collaboration with the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA), who has over 78 billion in assets under management with 8,800 Investment Agency Representatives. NIBA represents over 60 industry services, and is responsible for 90% of IPO which is approximately $20 million, having raised over $17 billion investment for emerging growth companies. Mr. Jim Hock, the Chairman of NIBA, is a member of HKIPX’s global advisory team.

We expand international channels for intellectual property projects, attract the eyes of global investors, enhance innovation ability and core competitiveness, highlight strength and value, and establish an authoritative value system for intellectual property projects. It also helps intellectual property projects to select the transaction board after a series of services such as incubation, cultivation and counseling, and finally achieve IP ~ IPO.

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